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The team at Western Adventist Foundation is dedicated to you and to God's work through the Seventh-day Adventist Church. From managing millions of dollars to performing basic accounting tasks, all our work is executed with this focus in mind.


Reliable. Mission-oriented. Professional. Since the beginning, Western Adventist Foundation (WAF) has been committed to helping people and organizations benefit God's work through clearly-defined giving plans and trust management services. We have held firm to our belief that you, our client, should be in control while we provide the expertise and experience you can count on. It all began as a mission, and it's still a mission--one that grows stronger every day.


We don't take our work lightly. In fact, some would say we're obsessed with what we do. It's our passion, our dedication to further God's work through our services. If you are looking for a partner who seeks to truly understand your vision of giving as well as your financial goals, you can be certain WAF will help you invest your resources wisely. We have contributed millions to the work of the church, and we are positive those number will continue to grow.


When you place your trust in us, we take it seriously. As a reflection of this, more than forty organizations have chosen to rely on us. WAF is committed to providing you with quality services that get results. And in the end our measure of success is not only the numbers we bring back, but your satisfaction with the services we provide.

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“You want a team that understands your ethics, beliefs, and values while having the legal and financial knowledge to take your organization to the next level.”

Our History and Mission

Founded in 1997 as a privately-held, non-profit organizations, WAF was brought into existence to assist Adventist entities by expertly managing their trust services and planned giving programs.

Today the WAF team remains committed to the same values and goals we founded this organization with over ten years ago.  We’re attorneys, administrators and MBA-carrying business professionals with a vision –to be an active part of the mission and ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church through the work we do.

Choosing A Trust Management Partner

A leap in the dark–it’s not the first step you want to take when you’re choosing a partner to help manage your assets.  That’s why before selecting a team of professionals to assist you, we suggest you consider these questions:

  • How long has the firm been in business?
  • Is this potential financial partner prepared to educate you about both the risks and benefits of giving?
  • What qualifications does the firm possess?
  • What technological capabilities are utilized?
  • How secure is it’s systems?
  • How do its employees stay educated and up-to-date with state and regulatory changes?
  • What best practices are in place?
  • What are the goals and mission of the company?
  • Finally, are you comfortable working with this firm?


Not just anyone is qualified to manage your finances.  You want a team that understands your ethics, beliefs, and values while at the same time possesses the legal knowledge and financial wherewithal to take your organization to the next level.

WAF strives to maintain a high level of transparency in the work that we take on for your organization while maintaining complete confidentiality of those on whose behalf we are working.  Our longstanding knowledge of this business coupled with our best practices and expert team positions us to serve you like no other entity.  A few of the benefits you’ll discover when working with WAF include:

  • Consulting.
  • Online access.
  • Legal expertise.
  • Access to investment advisors.
  • An investment committee for policy approval
  • State-of-the-art security systems.

Our Successes

Thanks to the commitment of our team, the faith our clients put in us and God’s blessings, we are grateful to be able to say that we’ve made the following achievements include:

  • Operating successfully for over 10 years.
  • Contributing more than 46 million to the work of the church.
  • Growing an average of 20 percent a year for the past ten years.
  • Currently serving more than 40 organizations.
  • Currently managing more than 100 million in irrevocable funds.

Our Commitment

In the end, we have only succeeded if we have helped to further God’s work and if our clients are satisfied with the services we provide.  It is our prayer that each day we will do just a little more to facilitate the spreading of God’s word.

Our People

It’s the people of WAF that bring its ministry to life and combine our vision with a wealth of expertise that makes for a powerful combination.  Each of WAF’s senior staff has an average of twenty years of experience in this industry.

Our Clients

Currently, we are privileged to assist more than 60 organizations who support the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. These organizations include conferences, unions, hospitals, churches, educational institutions, media ministries and other humanitarian and outreach organizations. As the Lord guides, we will continue to grow and serve more clients in their Trust Services and Endowment programs.

References available upon request.

States Served for Charitable Gift Annuities

Services Offered Through

Western Adventist Foundation
Hawaiian Association of SDA
Pacific Union Conference of SDA
Services Not Offered
WAF Serviced Placeholder
WAF Serviced

If you are ready to start a Charitable Gift Annuity and are not working with a charity directly, please choose the appropriate application below. (You will know which application is appropriate by selecting your state of residence on the map which will change the text above the map.) We request that you phone our office and speak with a WAF Development person before completing the application. (Incorrectly completed applications may require a new application altogether.)

Download WAF Application Here

Download PUC Client Application Here

(HAWAII ASSOCIATION Application – special application, please contact our office.)

Please mail your application along with a check to the mailing address which appears when you select your state of residence. Make check payable to the entity offering the CGA Service for the charity or charities you wish to benefit. Examples: WAF for XYZ, WAF for XYZ/MNO, or PUC for XYZ, PUC for XYZ/MNO. Again, we encourage you to telephone our office. Thank you

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